Wonders of sharing – Experiences

Wonders of sharing – Experiences

‘Sharing’ is a pivotal aspect of human growth and development. We are all reliant at one another and surely, ‘no man is an island’. A person cannot be born on its own and much less, cannot grow on its own and in the same way, one cannot truly neglect someone in need of help – That’s human nature and what comes naturally of us; to help others and be helped regardless of context and scenario.

“Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it.”
-Albert Schweitzer

Sharing fosters bonds that can be associated to friendship and other deeper connections as well aside from any familial bonds and one of the best things to share is ‘experience’. Experience is one of the best teachers in life, because the data that we derive from it both includes practical and emotional information. And it’s information like these that greatly enrich a person’s development and growth which gives it all the more reason to be valued and shared among people.

Importance and benefits of sharing experiences

Conversely, a life of poor experiences leads to a multitude of mental problems as well. Lack of interaction and experiences can lead to depression, affecting happiness, satisfaction and overall well-being and other long-term problems as people get older but being able to share experiences with people had proven to help keep these detrimental health effects at bay – A community or family is more satisfied and fulfilled with life in general if there’s a healthy and regular exchange of experiences going around and here’s why:

Improved sense of belonging and deeper connections

People are naturally driven to others whom they share something in common with. And through sharing our life’s experiences with one another, we can easily and better find these people more. The same goes with any existing peers or connections that we made – As we discover more similarities between them, we tend to be more fond of them and some of these similarities or common denominators aren’t readily discovered because most of these would’ve required a good chance or moment to talk about, which sharing experiences would’ve have opened.

Better understanding of our purpose

Finding purpose in life is an inherent problem as human beings. It’s a difficult process that requires real understanding of ourselves and great amounts of introspection. However, by sharing experiences with people, and by receiving them from others, we get a clearer picture of things at a bigger picture and are able to get glimpses of how the world looks like at different perspectives.

And perspective is a crucial aspect in understanding and realizing our purpose in life.


Encourages and improves socialization skills

Socialization had been more relevant recently especially since the COVID-19 Pandemic began when people were forced to adopt a lifestyle change. This lifestyle change caused a lot of strain on the mental well-being of people since a greater amount of the population are still not suited or used to staying indoors for prolonged periods of time.

Luckily enough, the internet was still there to help connect people to ease some of these burdens and that things are starting to get back to normal recently.

Sharing experiences with one another helps us understand people better and know how we can help others better. And by being able to help people, not only are we getting the socialization we needed as individuals, we improve it as well and these are just the great side-effects of being able to help others and spreading happiness!