Importance of Networking: Why meeting new people is essential

We always believed that success is not only dependent on skill and perseverance. A lot of other crucial factors such as resources, knowledge and diligence also come in to play when determining and achieving success. However, for most entrepreneurs, establishing and maintaining various connections throughout the career is an indispensable talent. The people you get to know not only comes with mutual benefits such as information exchange but it can also boost your reach and presence in the industry.

Just like how the saying “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are.” goes, the people you surround yourself with dictates how successful you can be with your career as well, which we also think even seasoned entrepreneurs can agree upon. Below are more reasons why you should be going out there meeting new people and the benefits of networking.

  • There’s always a room for improvement – There’s also this saying which we always take in to heart as well; “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.”

Hanging out with friends and old acquaintances is always fun and a good refresher after a long week of work for sure but networking for your career and entrepreneurship pursuit is another thing. Surrounding yourself with people that you can always learn from and gain new skills and information is a constant discipline if you’re striving for success.

  • Improves self-confidence – With the right people, networking is a powerful tool for growing yourself to meet the demands of an ambitious career goal. Being able to “feel good” about yourself is like magic – You are able to achieve more things that you previously thought you could not if you had confidence in your capabilities. Being around with the right people will not only help you understand yourself better, but they can also provide useful advice in terms of perspectives. After all, how you see yourself and how people see you are not always the same. And with the right people, you should be empowered with their advice.


  • Opportunities abound – Have you ever wondered why successful businessmen and entrepreneurs like to attend parties and gatherings? Aside from the drinks and fun of camaraderie, these entrepreneurs see the true value of such gatherings which is ‘opportunity’. Networking on a large scale helps you promote your business through mundane conversations and also enable you to grow your reach and presence within and outside your trade. And who knows? You might just stumble upon people that could also help you with other things as well!


  • A library of resources. Literally. – At this time and age, you might have probably heard or even encountered websites where they’re built around specific and niche purposes. The same goes for the concept of networking. This allows us to stay updated in trends, important events and other things aligned with your nature of business and career. Networking also enables us to gather other information with better information and ease of access.


  • A treasure trove of new ideas – Getting to know a lot of experienced and reputable people, and always interacting with them on a regular basis bolsters your creativity and innovative thinking. You are learning from both their experience and wisdom which you can apply to your own career and business endeavors as well. In turn, you are also helping other people within your networking circle in the same way as well but most of all, each of you are able to exchange crucial information regarding challenges that each of you have gone through.


  • Power of bonds – Lastly but not the least, networking enables us to strengthen our bonds with our peers and foster better friendships. It’s not just about taking and talking. Networking is also about giving back and sharing. It’s a community platform that’s driven by professionalism and pursuit of success where nobody should be left behind, which here at HarmoneyHub also believe as well.

Lasting relationships and driven growth

Now that you’ve learned the essentials and fundamentals of networking including how it benefits the savvy, career-driven achiever in each of us, you might be wondering next, “What’s a good place to start meeting these people? Where?” which is another good question but luckily for you, you’re already at the right place!

Whether it be at a virtual community or a shared co-working location, one of HarmoneyHub’s missions is to make sure that people have a place for fostering lasting friendships and authentic relationships where all of us can grow together and benefit through sharing and genuine accountability.

Ready to meet new people and join us today?