Co-Working Spaces Are Making a Comeback

In the early months of the pandemic, co-working spaces, which had been a rising force in the real estate market, faced their greatest challenge as millions of workers either opted or were forced to work from home. Fast-forward 18 months and co-working spaces are back with a vengeance. According to the New York Times, memberships for co-working spaces are in an upswing, and the co-working market is becoming increasingly competitive with more and more public office spaces opening their doors as we slowly emerge from the pandemic.

New Mexico in general and Albuquerque in particular are home to several co-working spaces that have become increasingly popular in recent years as remote work has grown more common. The Paper. interviewed Chief Operating Officer Lisa Adkins of FatPipe New Mexico, a local co-working space company, about the challenges that co-working spaces faced at the beginning of the pandemic and the recent recovery and even boom of the industry.

“COVID had a major impact on coworking. We lost 80 of our members. Our staff quickly regrouped and did some market research on how people felt about when and how to come back to the office. We implemented many safety measures, including UVC lights in our HVAC/air systems, high-end temporal scan thermometers at our doors, masks, hand sanitizer. And all of our staff became COVID-safe certified through the State of N.M.,” Adkins said.

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Co-Working Spaces Are Making a Comeback

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